{Work} Where do I go from here?

Have you been in a rut recently? I get that way sometimes too; ambling through life working without a goal. Usually it happens after I reach a big goal, or a big event passes. When this happens, I like to sit down and set a few goals to help me get on the right track. This is my process for setting the right goals, and some helpful hints!

1. Set a timer

Set a timer for 5 mins and write down everything you want to accomplish this year, month, week, LIFE even. It can be as simple as “do a cartwheel” or as complicated as “walk on the moon”. What’s important is that you acknowledge your dreams.

2. Prioritize

Go through your list and mark the ones MOST important for you to accomplish. For example: I’d mark “have a family” over “see a concert front row”. Remember that everyone is different, so what’s important to you might not be important to someone else. If you have a list of one month goals, it’ll look different from someone’s year long goal list. Capiche?

3. Chisel Away

Use your planner from last week 😉 and do at least ONE task everyday to help reach your goals. Whether that means going for a run, or meditating for half an hour: you’re one step closer to becoming your ideal version of yourself.

4. Celebrate your accomplishments

I can’t stress this enough! It’s important to recognize a job well done! Be sure not to celebrate in a way that will tear down your hard work, (i.e. eating cake for sticking to your diet) but choose a reward that will MOTIVATE you (i.e. new workout clothes). This way you’ll move past your short term goals onto your longterm goals.

5. Never Settle

It’s okay to take a break, but as Jillian Michaels says “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” Always strive to be better than your were yesterday. Somedays that’s as simple as getting out of bed when you’re depressed (I’ve been there) and other days you’re going to run a marathon. They’re equally incredible. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Never settle for less than you deserve; whether that’s from yourself or from others.

Keep chugging away at your dreams! Comment and share how you’re going to change your life TODAY!!

Remember: incredibility is not dependent on the loftiness of the accomplishment, but on the way it makes one feel.

{Wardrobe} Sunday Brunch


This Sunday, I had the great privilege of spending the day with my fam-damily! We started the day by going to church, and then headed over for a delicious brunch at Charley’s Crab. It was absolutely sinful!

Prime rib, bacon, fruit, tomatoes, hash browns, coffee. Oh my. This was good food Not to mention the 2 crème brûlées  I scarfed down. I regret nothing. Okay I might have regretted it a little 🙂

After our decadent brunch, we headed over to the gorgeous Frederik Meijer Gardens to tour the new Japanese garden

My dress is from J.Crew (similar), my shoes are from DSW, my jewelry is from Kendra Scott (gift, could’t find online), and my headband is from J.Crew

Ahh! Don’t you just love hydrangeas?! They’re my favorite flower, and the new Japanese garden is FULL of them! Seriously, if you get a chance, visit Frederik Meijer Gardens. There’s so much to do, and it’s a really cool place for everyone. We have a family membership and I try and go there as much as possible! It’s beautiful 365 days a year!

Have a great rest of your week, and someone send me some hydrangeas darn it!


{Mantra Monday} Forgiveness

Last year, I was verbally assaulted by a teacher. I deserved a lot more, but all I wanted was and apology. I never got one. Even writing this is making me angry. Really angry. I want to name the teacher so badly, but that wouldn’t be in the spirit of forgiveness. I need to forgive, because if I don’t they win.

Think about this: the person who owes you an apology is probably never going to apologize, because that would make them wrong. This person probably doesn’t even think about the event, or you, anymore. Letting go means you allow yourself to move on, having learned a little more about humanity.

Forgiveness is what allows you closure

Every time you catch yourself thinking about what happened, don’t give them the time of day. Everyone get’s what they deserve in the end.

Don’t waste your thoughts on a person who doesn’t deserve them.

I’m still working on forgiving the teacher who assaulted me, but I’ve gotten much better.

And if you’re reading this, unnamed person : I forgive you


{Worship} Jonathan and Emily Martin

Back in April, I had the privilege of seeing Jonathan and Emily Martin perform at Hope College. Their worship music is so beautiful, and their love for each other and for Christ is very evident. I wanted to share my personal favorite song that they sing, because it has always helped me to ground myself.

This song is so incredibly beautiful, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t move me to tears. The beauty of Christ is so awesome, isn’t it? This couple has been blessed with amazing talent, and I’m so happy that they share it with the world. Go and listen to all of their music, because it is truly an incredible experience. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to see them live, and worship with them. If you get a chance, do it; I promise you won’t regret it! God is good!

Have an amazing Sunday!


{Work} Finding the perfect planner for your life

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.47.30 PM

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, this week has flown by. Between work, writing, exercise, and blogging, my planner has become my right hand man. I’ve flopped around quite a bit on the planner I use, and that’s because I like a planner with space for both work and play. However, everyone has different needs in the scheduling department. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite planners.

For the creative: Passion Planner

Passion Planner

I stumbled upon this delightful organizer this winter. The company is really wholesome and small, and it has the benefit of letting you try before you buy. I love how it leads you to set goals and act on them. It’s like a life coach in your purse. There are monthly reviews, and it shows you how to live a better life. This is my current planner, and I have nothing but love for how it has positively impacted my life.

For the parent: Mom’s Family Desk Planner

It can sometimes be chaotic to keep your schedule intact when you’re carting around several tiny humans with vibrant social lives. Take it from me (a nanny), when I say this planner works! My mom used to use something similar, and still uses the calendar version. It’s a no-nonsense answer to work-family balance, and I personally love the illustrations.

For the student: Kate Spade Agenda


Kate Spade knows what’s up. This is the perfect agenda to toss in your purse of backpack, and use to keep track of assignments. I used this agenda from December-Graduation, and I really liked the way it allowed me to write down my homework and any other appointments. I especially like how the spiral is covered and not annoying like the Lilly agendas. Honestly, I stopped using the Lilly agenda 100% because of the poor quality in the binding. Kate Spade is not only cheaper, but higher quality and just as cute.

For the teacher: Erin Condren Lesson Planner


As an aspiring English teacher, the idea lesson planning can be cute makes me even more excited to start my career. I really like the fun vibe of this planner, and also the concept in general. It is so customizable, there are literally thousands of options. Oh! There’s also stickers! So many cool stickers and quotes, plus the general optimism, make this planner perfect for any teacher.

For That Girl: Day Designer


I. Want. This. Planner. It was sold out, but seriously, I’m going to get one to try it. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, and the company is like an incarnation of That Girl. You know, the girl everyone loves and aspired to be. I want to be That Girl, and you know what? That Girl has the Day Designer. She’s so cool, she has her life together, she has good self-esteem, she probably drives a Jeep, she exercises everyday. I want to be That Girl. We should all want to be That Girl.

For the college students: Life Planner


I really like Erin Condren, okay? This planner is super customizable, just like the lesson planner. It’s also super colorful and cute. The sectioned off days help balance school, social, and extracurricular schedules. It also has a super positive and sunny feel to it. Life Planner is like Elle Woods in agenda form. It also has life affirming quotes, and SO MANY STICKERS.

I had a lot of fun writing this post, and I now have the urge to buy every single one! I hope you can all find what works best for you. Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite planners are, and how you use them!

Happy planning!


{Wardrobe} Farmer’s Market Fresh

Today I have a few errands to run, including a trip to the farmer’s market to buy some avocados for dinner tonight. We’re having fish tacos, my favorite! I’m loving this simple outfit today, and the colors are so summer-y. My shorts are from Loft, paired with one of my favorite shirts of all time from J.Crew (would you believe I own this shirt in almost every color?).

As for the details, My necklace is from Francesca’s (similar) and my beloved Jacks I ordered from Zappos.

That’s all for today folks!


Mantra Monday: Week of 7/20


This week, embrace the imperfections in your life. Use the things that annoy you to make yourself better. Neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking? Use the irritation as an opportunity to learn the art drowning out the noise around you. Sick? Allow yourself this time to rest and reflect on the importance of health. Regardless, don’t let the little things keep you from living a full life.

Remember to breathe!